3 Things To LOOK For When Buying Waist Trainers Online

    3 Things To LOOK For When Buying Waist Trainers Online

    3 Things To LOOK For When Buying Waist Trainers Online

    1. Trainers that have both a waist size and torso size!

    • When it comes to waist training, sizing is everything! Most women that don’t achieve their desired results is due to incorrect sizing. While colors and patterns are fun, you’ll want to find a company that has both various waist sizes AND torso sizes.
    • This will provide you with the most supportive and effective trainer that will be unique to your body – and deliver those hourglass results!

    2. Don't Miss a Day of Training - Ensure this by going w/ a premium design!

  • For best results, in the beginning you’ll need to wear your trainer for a good chunk of the day, every day!
    To do so easily, you’ll want to wear it under clothing – and the best trainers have metal clasps and zippers that keep your trainer snug to your body.
    This will help both with making your posture stronger and also keeps your trainer unnoticeable to others while wearing under your clothes.
    Avoid velcro trainers, as those are more often used for fat burning belts at the gym and to only be worn for an hour or two at a time.

    3. Customer Support & Community Support Are a Must!

  • Waist training is a journey, and having a customer service team and/or access to other customers to help motivate and answer questions is a huge, huge plus!
    Also, some of you will incorrectly size yourself and need a trainer thats bigger or smaller, depending on what you order.  Choosing a company with their own online store, and customer service team will give you a sense of ease because you know you can exchange your size without any issues.
    For this reason, we avoid ordering trainers from Amazon when possible because you will not have direct customer support with the company itself when it comes to exchanges, and getting sizing help.

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